Three cheap and simple RV travel hacks

Fridge slide storage drawers from Amazon

My 24′ home on wheels is really comfortable for me, a solo traveler. Most of the time, I find living in it to be convenient and easy to do daily activities and chores. Over time, it seems that little things become big annoyances.

I’ve found easy, cheap ways to cure three of my biggest irritants.

These refrigerator drawers are instant pain relievers for small items in the refrigerator that seem to be lying against the door in wait to propel themselves onto the floor every time the door is opened. They are deep enough for eggs and are wonderful for restaurant jelly, packets of condiment, etc.

Silver galvanized metal plate charger from Hobby Lobby

I like big towels. I did attach a Command Designer Hook up high on each of three walls of the shower. They are helpful. Hanging clothes stay put while on the road, but towels fell from them and the standard two-pronged hook just outside the shower. There is such a simple fix, it’s almost seems silly to write about, but it works and it costs almost nothing! Pull the part of the towel that you would normally hang on the hook through a hair elastic and wrap until it’s tight. Viola!

My favorite cheap and easy fix is a find from Hobby Lobby. There is little space around the tiny round sink. A galvanized metal plate not only matches my decor, but fits perfectly in the bathroom sink. This setup not only provides counter space but the center depressed area of the plate contains items that may otherwise roll onto the floor.

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2 thoughts on “Three cheap and simple RV travel hacks

    1. Travelers do sacrifice some larger items that accumulate in sticks and bricks homes, but the sunrises, sunsets, open roads and breath=taking landscapes are worth it!

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