Suspension Upgrades – 2008 Winnebago View (part two)

Man with power tools, ready to install shocks.
Darrell, the mechanic
The original swaybar and the new Helwig swaybar next to each other for comparison.
The Helwig Swaybar is much heavier than the original.

I spent the winter in Springfield, Missouri. In preparation for warmer weather and a smoother ride, I ordered Fox shocks 2.5 and a Hellwig SwayBar for rear suspension upgrade in the 2008 Winnebago View. My brother, Darrell installed them in a few hours without much difficulty.

One of my biggest complaints was side-to-side rocking at low speeds. Once the old shocks were taken off, it was evident that they were completely worn out. Once compressed, the right one would stay fully compressed unless pulled to extend. I suspect that contributed to the surface stress cracks along the right side of the coach.

After the upgrade, I left Missouri to meander through Indiana and Ohio before reaching the home of my children and grandchildren near Baltimore. I do notice significant differences. Not only is the rocking motion much less, but it handles better on cloverleaf ramps, the impact of rough roads and potholes is reduced, and while stationary, sway is less noticeable.

As of March 2023, the shocks cost $500 from Agile Offroad (Part No: NCV3) and the swaybar cost $498 from Hellwig Products (Part N: 7254).

Yes, Hellwig lives up to its description: “For your money, the best aftermarket investment you can make! Hellwig Sway Bars are an extremely effective handling upgrade you can make to your vehicle. Hellwig sway bars offer quick bolt on installation that are engineered to perform. An immediate improvement will be f elt when you drive through the first corner with a Hellwig sway bar installed. Though most vehicles come equipped with factory installed sway bars, they are often insufficient for today?s load and tow demands. Hellwig sway bars feature larger than stock diameters and precision engineered components to optimize handling and reduce body roll.

Author: Margaret