Confessions of a carb queen

No salad

Cake, donuts… anything with cream filling! I love them! Little Debbie’s have been with me for as long as I can remember. When I eat them, I feel wonderful. It is an odd statement – that I feel loved/ At that moment, I am sated. They have become a part of my personal story.

The downside is that I wear them. Every cotton-pickin’ one of them! My 5’4” frame cannot hide them. There are other signs, too…

Everyday with carbs is an emotional and exhausting journey. Thirty minutes of happy, can-do-anything energy followed by two hours of laborious progress. In those times, nothing is accomplished without having to think through every process down to simplistic steps. Finally, when fatigue becomes so intrusive, energy drinks or diet Mountain Dew help me find my way back to completing my to-do list.

I’m not good at dieting. Frankly, diets have never seemed the solution. I know that I will never swear off fried potatoes because my diet forbids them. Once the Minnesota sunshine hits the patio of my favorite hangout, I will stray!

The minute I hear weight loss means salad when everyone else are eating delicious meals, I’m done!

I always thought “eating right” meant lots of salads, minimal fats, no dairy (another one of my joys in life!), tasteless foods and much time counting calories and saying no to dining out. Sad!

I can’t imagine living my life without the foods I enjoy and I felt stuck! I view myself as fairly healthy but can no longer ignore the effects of being overweight. Stairs are painful and I am easily winded. I avoid activities where I don’t feel confident.

Here’s how I see it. I had a misguided view of eating. I avoided fats; it was difficult to consume enough protein; my search for a tasty cream-filled sweet was fueled by sugar/carb highs and lows leading to a roller coaster effect that never ended.

Today, I am encouraged and 10 pounds lighter! Carbs are no longer a consideration. For the first time in my life, I don’t crave sugar. I actually casually monitor calories to see if I have consumed enough during the day! My brain works better and I anticipate each day with new-found enthusiasm.

It”s surprising to me that my palate and food desires have changed so drastically! Here are a few of my new favorite foods:

Banana pancakes (see recipe here!)

Banana pancakes! Making the most of breakfast!

Cheesy eggs spinach scramble

Quick guacamole

Cottage cheese with bacon bits and sunflower seeds

Check back for photos and recipes.

How did I get from carb queen to a healthier lifestyle?

Pamela and me. Pamela helped me be healthier! What a gift!
Pamela and me. Pamela helped me be healthier! What a gift!

Six month ago, I was introduced to a homeopathic, transdermal human growth hormone product. I conceded to try it because I wanted to support my friend and hoped that there might be some benefit. The day it arrived, I was two days into a headache I just couldn’t shake and honestly little energy to do anything about it. Thirty minutes after applying the gel to wrists and the inside of elbows, my headache disappeared. Over the next few days, weeks and months, I noticed my increased energy, smoother skin, healthier hair, decreased joint pain and less brain fog. I didn’t own a scale until recently, so I didn’t know that I was already a few pounds lighter.

The gel is part of a new and growing company that added a new product just a month or so ago that attacks fat by priming the body to enter ketogenesis with just one scoop mixed with water daily. (Wikipedia describes ketogenesis as the biochemical process through which organisms produce ketone bodies through breakdown of fatty acids and ketogenic amino acids.) I am a skeptic but the gel had exceeded expectations, so I placed the order.

Feet! – without swollen ankles!

I love that the numbers on my scale are going down, but the best results are being able to think better – brain fog is no longer a daily struggle, muscle strength – that are evident in photos and measurements, less water retention – a problem for me all of my life – skinnier ankles, little pain – my knees, hips and ankles don’t hurt for the first time in years. I feel and look better (some of my friends say younger! I love that!)

If you want to know more about my journey or you have questions about recipes or products, I would love to talk with you! Please feel free to contact me.

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