A look back: We were on the cutting edge

When I look back at times in my life, I can say that they were adventures. At the time, it was a blur of obligation, hard work and a voice in my head saying that the work was never enough-that I was never enough.

Little did we realize that we were on the cutting edge of technology. Think “Beam me up, Scotty” and the image of George Jetson futurist gadgets. More than two decades ago, we used consumer electronics that allowed the avid local sports enthusiast to watch his home team from his hotel room while traveling to sling live video to cable viewers. Yes, we were able to deliver live, local tv to Bisbee, Arizona on a shoe-string budget in 2005!

The advertising agency was born in May 1991.

Gregory, my third-born was two-months old and I was about to turn 30. Years before, I made a vow that I would be running my own business before that age and time was running out. Reality is that I was never totally fulfilled working for someone else (Frankly, as the years roll by, I’m less able to tolerate rolling down another’s road without creating my own path!) Being mother to three, I wanted to be available to my children without having to ask permission. Entrepreneurship was more suited for my independent nature and motherhood.

Two-hundred dollars, a fax machine, and a business partner with room for another desk and I was in business. Prism Communications’ first assignment was for Turquoise Valley Golf Course. They needed full-color score cards. I had no idea how to do it but accepted the assignment anyway. Guided by those in the business and willing to help, I delivered the cards and was paid.

Often, the company answered the needs of the community of Bisbee, population 6,500 (It has dwindled to around 5,000 residents in 2023) in the southeast corner of Arizona. One such project was a tourist map that we created annually for 5 or so years. We sold businesses a spot on an artist’s rendition of the historic district and a paragraph on the back side for $100 and more than 100 participated giving us enough funds to print 100,000 and pocket some profit. Occasionally, while visiting, I will see one of those displayed near the cash register in one of the shops lining Main Street.

There are other tales that deserve space here, but they will have to wait for another time when time and inclination meet and when excuses fail to extinguish motivation.

Author: Margaret

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