Suspension Upgrades — 2008 Winnebago View (part one)

Suspension for a 2008 Winnebago View may seem fairly elementary at first but questions lead to more. At least for me, that’s the way it is. Though overall, it is a pleasant vehicle to drive, dropping the wheel in a hole on the way out of a parking lot as you turn begins a side-to-side motion that has the potential to launch various items from cabinets and surfaces. The best technique to end wobbling is to stop acceleration.

2008 Winnebago View in an RV Park near Huachuca City, AZ
2008 Winnebago View named “BESSie” August ’22 near Huachuca City, AZ

It’s been on my mind to find the solution and from the beginning recommendations are to replace the stock sway bar with the thicker, heavier-duty Helwig Sway Bar. Favorite rear shock are the Agile-tuned 2.5 Fox Shocks and Blisten B-6 front shocks are a popular choice.

I had questions. Why wouldn’t air shocks be a better solution? It seems that needs would depend on load. Air shocks are retrofitted with controls in the cab that connect with a pump and lines that adjust the pressure of the shocks.

Truckers address suspension issues by adding to the leaf springs. Professionals at American Fleet offered insight. Winnebago Springs are not suitable to add a leaf. They have two and don’t adapt to another. Like leaf springs they lay parallel under the box but instead of arcing up.

Additionally, I found the explanations by Ron in this video “On the Road with Ron” very helpful.

I will be purchasing Blisten B-6 shocks and Fox 2.5 Agile-tuned shocks from and a Helwig Sway Bar from Lichtinn. As of February ’23, the bill will total around $1300 including tax and shipping.

Here’s the breakdown. Blistin Shocks: $340.00/pair, Fox Shocks:$500.00/pair, tax and shipping add around $100. The Sway Bar costs $407 and shipping is included. Fortunately, my brother is a mechanic, so installation for me doesn’t add to the cost. There are several good instructional videos on YouTube. Here’s one:

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