Living out faith Discover the Inspiring Journey of Darrell and Nemra Rhoden’s Three-Decade Ministry

To my brother and sister-in-law, Darrell and Nemra Rhoden, ministry has been a lifestyle for more than three decades. It’s not unusual for them to call a sick friend just to encourage and pray with them or find them offering comfort to someone they have never met in a cafe, grocery store or hospital lobby. Their passion for spreading positivity extends to impromptu piano-led singing sessions, a testament to Nemra’s mastery of the keys.

One cherished memory involves accompanying them as they selflessly fed and ministered to the homeless beneath the bridges of Dallas.

Today, their impactful work continues on WOTG Radio Network, where Nemra hosts the SPARKS Children’s Program and addresses the subtle erosion of Christian values in “Candy Coated Occult.” The pair sing backup many Sundays and Wednesdays at Ozark Full Gospel Church. (You can watch live Sundays at 10:30 am or anytime at: For 27 years, they have led a monthly worship at the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. ffectionately known as “Aunty Nem” and her sidekick, brings joy to childcare facilities across the Springfield area.

Needless to say, they live out their message of faith daily and I am so humbled to be the first to receive their latest CD, “Majesty Forever.” To request a limited edition CD, ($12.95 plus postage) send a message or email Be sure to visit their website at

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