New contributing writer, Bill Rice

Recent travels took me through Indiana. While there, I visited my high school friend, Bill and his wife, Karen at their charming 13-acre micro-farm. We talked about many, many things and those discussions led to adding Bill as a contributing writer to this blog!

I asked him for a bio, and this is what he wrote:

Bill Rice is a soon to be “official old man” who has been a nurse
for over forty years, most of that in an Emergency Department scenario.
He lives in southern Indiana after being transplanted there from Texas
and New Mexico. Bill is married to the ‘best person’ he has ever known.
Her name is Karen and puts up with more than she should, from both Bill
and their two cats and nine chickens. Between the two of them they have
a total of six grown children. Bill is semi retired and stays home o
care for their farm and animals. This gives him plenty of time for
woodworking projects, drawing, painting, playing drums and learning the
guitar. It also provides ample opportunity for coming up with new ways
to annoy his Karen.

NOTE: I believe his birthday had passed by this article’s publication date and I would never describe him as a “soon to be old man.”

Author: Margaret

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