Enjoy the ride! Cowboy Hall of Fame – Medora, ND

Cowboy up and pause for a moment to notice the bronze sculptures outside and the building entrance. They will give you just a hint of the experience that awaits you! Like most attractions in this tiny community, history is wonderfully highlighted and beyond expectation.

To get the full experience, clean your reading glasses and plan to spend an hour or more. Exhibits near the entrance feature several life-size statues. It’s a question whether commendations should go to the taxidermist or the artist! Signage asks patrons not to touch lifelike animals. The detail of the chuck wagon and cook may spur your appetite!

Deeper into the facility, visitors learn about notorious cowboys and cowgirls from around the state. Saddles, a set of equine dental tools, apparel and an array of items tell the story. You don’t have to be in the area long before you may hear reference to the North Dakota Six Pack, a half-dozen rodeo greats who dominated the arena in the 50s and 60s.  The legacy of Jim and Tom Tescher, Duane Howard, Dean Armstrong, Joe Chase and Alvin Nelson live on here.

Take the elevator to the second floor for the tribute to individual western professionals. A comfortable, atmosphere beckons historians to settle in. Read biographies lining the walls, explore printed records or search for facts at the interactive kiosk.

Consider pursuing the gift shop for curios that won’t break the bank or unique selections that will inspire memories!

Before you go:

Buck up and brush up on the state history. Teddy Roosevelt adored the Badlands. Harold Shaffer, rescued the 60s ghost town. Both are part of the local heritage.

Go ahead an plan a couple of extra days! There is a plethora of things to see and do here. Google highlights many. Connect with Medora Convention & Visitor Bureau. They are experts in guiding your personalized experience.

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